Accepting applications for Alaska Sea Grant Community Engaged Fellowship

The Alaska Sea Grant Community Engaged Fellowship program is now accepting applications from students interested in becoming fellows, and from municipal, state, federal and tribal agencies as well as business interest groups and nonprofits interested in mentoring a fellow in 2024. Projects should be based in coastal communities and may have research, outreach, education or communication themes.

The CEF program aims to broaden participation in coastal and marine sciences and related fields in order to make them inclusive and representative of the many cultures, ethnicities and identities of students in Alaska. CEF does this by providing training and mentorship to early-stage university and community college students as well as recent graduates from high school or college who identify as indigenous, non-traditional students, as a minoritized or underrepresented group, and/or from a rural community.

To find out more about being a fellow or host and mentor, please see our webpage at the link below. Should you have further inquiries, feel free to contact the Alaska Sea Grant’s CEF coordination team.

The final deadline to apply is April 1.

For more information visit the Alaska Sea Grant Community Engaged Fellowship program website.