Academic Tuesdays: Feb. 21, 2023

Charlene Stern, vice chancellor for rural, community and Native education
UAF photo by JR Ancheta
Charlene Stern, vice chancellor for rural, community and Native education

– by Charlene Stern, vice chancellor of rural, community and Native education

Last year, UAF’s Community and Technical College joined many other units across UAF in embarking on a strategic enrollment planning process. SEP is a data-informed process designed to help groups identify, evaluate and modify strategies and enrollment goals. Through the work of numerous committees driven by faculty and staff, CTC identified several promising strategies to both maximize existing programs and develop new initiatives.

Construction Management goes online
For many years, UAF CTC has offered an Associates of Applied Science degree in construction management. This popular degree was developed with input from Alaskan contractors and professional industry organizations and designed to prepare construction managers with a broad knowledge of building systems and construction techniques. Traditionally, many of the courses required for this 62 credit degree were offered in-person. According to feedback from our industry partners, the demand for greater online offerings necessitated changes to our program. UAF CTC utilized the SEP process to establish a plan for converting 12 construction management courses to online delivery. Through the work of construction management alumnus, and now Professor, Jackie Hatley, the UAF CTC construction management program will be offered online starting in fall 2023!

Proposed LPN Program
UAF CTC has a long history of delivering high quality allied health programs designed to meet the state’s workforce development needs. In recent years, the Covid-19 pandemic placed tremendous strain on Alaska’s healthcare system revealing gaps in many professional areas including Licensed Practical Nurses. LPNs are medical professionals trained to provide essential basic care to patients while working under the supervision of a physician or registered nurse. LPNs are an integral part of many healthcare facilities including hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, and assisted living homes among others. Despite increased demand in Alaska, the only in-state program for LPN certification is currently being offered through Alaska Pacific University. Through the SEP process, UAF CTC identified the development of an LPN program as an important step to help better meet the needs of Alaska’s healthcare industry. Thanks to Allied Health Professor, Cathy Winfree, UAF CTC’s proposal for an LPN program will be put forth to the Board of Regents for consideration during their February 2023 meeting.

CTC Law Enforcement Academy is Back!
In March, UAF CTC will be holding its first law enforcement academy since 2018! The academy is a rigorous 14-week training program designed to prepare students for work as law enforcement professionals. The program provides basic police training that can qualify students for certification by the Alaska Police Standards Council. While the academy was temporarily placed on hiatus during the pandemic, we are excited to offer it again this spring and already have a cohort of recruits enrolled from across the state!

This year is proving to be a time of transition for UAF CTC. After 42 years of service, UAF CTC Dean Michele Stalder has announced her retirement effective Aug. 1, 2023. Dean Stalder has been an incredible advocate for students and the community college mission throughout her tenure with what started as the Tanana Valley Community College in 1974. I hope you will join me in recognizing and appreciating Dean Stalder for her outstanding record of service to our university!