ABEC transitions from CFOS to VCR office

UAF’s Alaska Blue Economy Center is transitioning from the College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research.

The move underscores UAF's recognition of the importance of Alaska's blue economy as a driver for the state's economic diversification through innovation and growth, and the university’s strategic efforts to develop the workforce of the future. The alignment of ABEC in the VCR office helps UAF serve as an advocate for industry engagement and applied science, and its engagement with rural coastal communities throughout Alaska.

Although the administrative alignment is changing, ABEC will continue working with the College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences, the Alaska Center for Energy and Power, the College of Business and Security Management, and the Center for Innovation, Commercialization, and Entrepreneurship.

The move allows UAF to facilitate a cooperative and interdisciplinary approach and to position ABEC for broader impact, while building capacity for ABEC to meet the state's needs.