• Radar images

    New radar analysis method can improve winter river safety

    April 12, 2024

    University of Alaska Fairbanks researchers have developed a way to use radar to detect open water zones and other changes in Alaska's frozen rivers in the early winter. The approach can be automated to provide current hazard maps and is applicable across the Arctic and sub-Arctic.

  • Two smiling women lean on an outdoor deck railing with a snowy field and rolling hills in the background.

    Waiting for the sun at Poker Flat

    April 12, 2024

    Under a bluebird sky and above a resilient winter snowpack, two sounding rockets point upward, ready to blast through the thickness of our atmosphere to gain a better look at the sun.

  • Interface of Change project director Brenda Konar, left, and University of Alaska Fairbanks postdoctoral researcher Brian Ulaski, right, prepare to survey an oyster mariculture farm in Simpson Bay near Cordova. Photo by Sydney Wilkinson.

    Five-year project will study climate effects on Alaska marine species

    April 10, 2024

    The National Science Foundation has awarded $20 million to the University of Alaska to investigate climate change effects on culturally and commercially important marine species in the Gulf of Alaska.

  • A large fossilized tooth sits on a laboratory table in front of a man and woman wearing white lab coats and black rubber gloves. The woman holds a drill and the man holds a specimen bottle.

    UAF receives $3.5 million to establish radiocarbon dating laboratory

    April 08, 2024

    The University of Alaska Fairbanks will receive $3.5 million in federal funding to establish Alaska's first radiocarbon dating laboratory on the Troth Yeddha' Campus.

  • Workers assembling dish

    New rooftop antenna to be installed on UAF Usibelli Building

    April 05, 2024

    A new 3-meter antenna will be installed atop the University of Alaska Fairbanks' engineering building as early as Saturday.

  • A painting of two nanuqsaurus dinosaurs with some smaller dinosaurs and the skull of a pachyrhinosaurus in the foreground.

    Dinosaur study challenges Bergmann's rule

    April 05, 2024

    A new study led by scientists at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and the University of Reading calls into question Bergmann's rule, an 1800s-era scientific principle stating that animals in high-latitude, cooler climates tend to be larger than close relatives living in warmer climates.

  • Using both hands, a bearded man in glasses and a knit blue cap holds a tiger paw close to the camera. The paw has large white claws.

    Siberian tiger takes final rest at museum

    April 04, 2024

    It's a safe bet that Aren Gunderson's Toyota Tundra is the only one in Fairbanks that has had its bed filled with a Siberian tiger.

  • The sun

    NASA rockets to gather sun data in rare daytime Poker Flat launches

    April 04, 2024

    Two rockets are set to launch within minutes of each other from Poker Flat Research Range this month in NASA's first campaign to study solar flares with instruments launched on sounding rockets.

  • A woman coaches a man with weights in his hands in an exercise.

    StrongPeople training class offered in Fairbanks

    April 03, 2024

    A workshop in Fairbanks will teach people how to lead a popular exercise program for midlife and older adults in Alaska communities.

  • audience watching a bottle of soda erupt in front of a building

    Science Potpourri is back with a bang April 13

    April 03, 2024

    The annual Science Potpourri returns on April 13, 2024. Designed to spark children's curiosity about the sciences, this free all-ages event will take place from noon-3 p.m. in the Reichardt Building on the University of Alaska Fairbanks' Troth Yeddha' Campus.

  • Seafood safety classes set for April 12 and 26

    April 03, 2024

    Alaska Sea Grant is offering two online seafood safety courses in April through the Alaska Seafood School, both available statewide. On April 12, Seafood Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point, Segment 2 practical training will be taught via Zoom. On April 26, Sanitation Control Procedures for Seafood Processors will also be taught via Zoom.

  • Large whale bone assemblage with rib acting as an umiak with a group of 6 human figures inside, one of whom is a baby in the arms of an adult. Three figures have wooden paddles. Figures wear parkas of caribou and rabbit fur. Faces carved from wood.

    April museum programs explore travel

    April 02, 2024

    Family programs at the University of Alaska Museum of the North will explore the theme of travel in April.

  • Pesticide applicator training classes scheduled for April 23-25

    April 01, 2024

    A three-day certified pesticide applicator training course is scheduled for April 23-25. It will be taught by the University Alaska Fairbanks Cooperative Extension Service via Zoom and is available statewide.

  • An aerial photo of people forming the letters U A F.

    UAF continues Giving Day record-breaking streak

    March 28, 2024

    University of Alaska Fairbanks supporters broke another record this year with more than 1,000 individual donations during the 49-hour UA Giving Day event March 26-28, an increase of more than 25% percent over 2023.

  • A man in a frosty face mask with ski goggles pulled up onto his forehead stands in front of snowy mountains and a bicycle loaded with gear leaning on a sign denoting the location —

    Long winter bike ride aided by naps

    March 28, 2024

    If you could have read that frost-covered fat-biker's mind as he rolled toward McGrath, Alaska, "as if Velcroed to the snow," you might have suspected he was a scientist.

  • Submarine

    Ice experts aid U.S. military in Arctic Ocean exercise

    March 22, 2024

    Finding a good spot for the U.S. military's biennial Operation Ice Camp falls to people at the University of Alaska Fairbanks Geophysical Institute.

  • A small gray and brown owl sits on a branch next to the shaggy-barked trunk of a spruce tree.

    Boreal owls perform by daylight

    March 21, 2024

    On these March nights, a male boreal owl has been singing from a wooden owl box near our home. The late biologist Dave Klein attached the nest box to a black spruce tree north of the University of Alaska Fairbanks ski trails many years ago.

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