This site will provide you with information and guidance for agreements with entities external to UAF, regardless of whether the agreement is originating here at UAF or if it originated with the other university, agency, or entity.

UAF is electronically storing fully executed MOA/MOUs with external entities in OnBase, the UA enterprise system for records retention. This site will help you to draft an agreement or contact the offices necessary to set up an agreement, and to get approval from all necessary parties for your agreement. To see a flowchart overview of the process click here.

Responsible Offices and Signature Authority

Signature authority is delegated to the following responsible offices for execution of appropriate agreements. Agreements with external academic or research entities may require additional review and standard language approved by the UA Office of the General Counsel (GC) prior to signature.

Type of MOU/MOA Delegation of Signature Authority
All/Office of Record Chancellor
Academic Activities* Provost
MAP/CES Outreach and Extension** Provost
Student Practica in Health Fields VC Administrative Services
Research/Intellectual Property VC Research and Grants & Contracts Administration (if applicable)
Academic and Research Activities Provost and VC Research
Rural and Community Development VC Rural Community & Native Education
Facility Agreements VC Administrative Services
Arctic Policy/Outreach VC University & Student Advancement


* Not including MOAs for Practicum students, since the major issue with those agreements is Risk rather than academic standards. "Academic activities" includes all other agreement related to credit-bearing courses and academic programs, as the Provost's Office needs to make sure that they meet accreditation standards and reports requirements. CRCD academic activities, including CTC, have have CRCD review, as provided below.

** MOA/MOU concerning the activities of the Marine Advisory Program and the Cooperative Extension Service.

Administrative Review

The following offices are designated and are responsible for review and/or approval of agreements in conjunction with the above-listed offices, as applicable. If you are unsure of the routing and review of your document, any responsible office can be contacted and will direct you to the appropriate office.

Administrative Review Responsible Office Contact Information
Student Exchange/Academic Partnership Office of International Student and Scholar Services

Office of International Student and Scholar Services website


Transfer Credits, Admissions, Degree Awards Office of Admissions and Registrar

Office of Admissions and Registrar website


Academic Activities, CRCD campuses Executive Dean, CRCD

CRCD campuses contact webpage


Contractual Agreements Procurement & Contract Services

Procurement & Contract Services website


Master Agreements/Sponsored Activity Office of Grants & Contracts Administration (OGCA)

Office of Grants & Contracts Administration (OGCA) website


Facility/Space Use Agreements Facilities Services (Board of Regents approval, if applicable)

Facilities Services contact webpage


Non-disclosure/Confidentiality Agreements/Export Controls Office of Intellectual Property and Commercialization (OIPC)/Office of Research Integrity (ORI)

Office of Intellectual Property and Commercialization (OIPC) website


Office of Research Integrity (ORI) website


Internal Agreements/Academic Partnerships/Unit Specific* Office of the Unit Dean/Director UAF A to Z webpage

*Internal agreements between UAF units/departments/programs may not require this level of review and approval; however, are subject to unit dean or director review and approval.