What We Do

International Student and Scholar Services exists to help students, researchers, and faculty access opportunities in international collaboration by hosting international students, researchers, and faculty coming from overseas.

For students, researchers, and faculty coming to UAF, we are here:

  • to help you adapt to the environment of UAF and the U.S.;
  • to help you gain the needed skills and knowledge to function independently in American society;
  • to assist you if you encounter situations or procedures you do not understand, or if you feel you have somehow been wronged;
  • to listen to your ideas and concerns and to enhance your visit by offering educational, recreational, and social activities that are designed for you;
  • to clarify your obligations under your visa status and obtain the full benefits to which you are entitled, as well as to help you understand UAF and U.S. immigration policies.

You have made a bold move by seeking educational opportunities in a different country, and many challenges and adventures await you. We hope to offer a welcoming place and services that will enable you to succeed in attaining the goals you have established. We are looking forward to supporting your experience here at UAF and in Fairbanks!


The International Student and Scholar Services team