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Math in a Cultural Context (MCC) is a long-term and ongoing set of interrelated federally funded projects. Central to MCC is its long-term collaboration with Yup’ik elders, teachers, and Alaskan school districts to develop culturally based curricular materials, especially supplemental math curriculum for elementary school students.»At the present time, MCC has two distinct and interrelated projects. The first grant is funded by the US Department of Education and is entitled Measuring Proportionally: Elders' Wisdom applied to Teaching and Learning Math. The second grant is funded by the National Science Foundation and is entitled The Potential Contribution of Indigenous Knowledge to Teaching and Learning Mathematics. Click for more information.


The math modules that are part of MCC are the result of a rather extraordinary collaboration of educators, Yup’ik elders and teachers, mathematicians and math educators, and Alaskan school districts.»

This collaboration spans nearly two decades of work: forming meaningful relationships between the parties of this work to producing not only culturally relevant materials that connect local knowledge to school knowledge, include integrated materials (literacy, geography, and science), and according to rigorous experimental and quasi-experimental designs used in numerous studies found MCC to be effective. This website introduces you to this work.

MCC consists of:

• 10 supplemental math modules from 2nd grade to 7th grade

• 8 stories that accompany the modules

• CDs and DVDs that show exemplary cases of teachers using MCC to elders’ demonstrating their knowledge

• In preparation is a Guide to Using MCC


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