Mileage post on campusPassport Identification

You are strongly encouraged to obtain a state-issued form of identification while in the United States so that you do not have to always carry your passport with you. You should NOT use your international passport as a form of identification on a daily basis, particularly if you are planning to be here for more than three quarters (or one year). Please see the Alaska Drivers License/ID page.  See (add link to that page) for more information on how to get an Alaskan Identification card.

Lost or Stolen Passport

If your passport is lost or stolen, it can take several months to replace and large fees may be incurred. You should note that if you lose your passport, your embassy in the United States will require you to submit an extensive amount and variety of documents from your home country, which will further prolong the issuance of a new passport. Thus you should keep your passport in a safe place and use your State ID card or driver license when you need proof of identity or age.

Contact the police and your embassy to report a lost or stolen passport.