ESS seminar

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Fall semester

ESS 692/492 [1 cr.] Earth System Science Seminar

Carl Tape
Friday 11:45–12:45
Location: Elvey Auditorium




Sept 01

Noah Diffenbaugh (Stanford)

Quantifying Causes and Consequences of Historical Changes in Extreme Climate Conditions

Sept 08

Sarah Trainor & Ilarion Murculieff

Sustainability Science: People and Society in the Earth System

Sept 15

Chris Maio

Community-based Coastal Monitoring and Hazard Assessments in Western Alaska

Sept 22

Katey Walter Anthony

Methane Emissions from Thermokarst Systems

Sept 29

Bill Simpson

Influences of Biospheric Exchange and Wildfire on the Arctic Atmosphere and Climate

Oct 06

Chris Arp

Arctic Hydrology in Earth System Science

Oct 13

Seth Danielson

Links between Changing Climate and Alaska’s Marine Ecosystems

Oct 20

Franz Mueter

Subarctic and Arctic Marine Fisheries in a Changing Climate

Oct 27

Eugenie Euskirchen

Permafrost Carbon and the Global Carbon Budget

Nov 03

Louise Farquharson

Permafrost-affected Landscapes in a Changing Climate

Nov 10

Társilo Girona

Boom! The Role of Volatiles on Volcano Dynamics

Nov 17

Michael Whalen

The Chicxulub Impact and Mass Extinction at the K-Pg Boundary

Dec 01

Sarah Fowell

Submarine Basins, Steppe, and Sea Ice: Paleoclimate and Paleoecology of the Bering Land Bridge

Dec 08

Santosh Panda

Advances in Geospatial Data Science Applications