Atmospheric and Climate Sciences

The field of atmospheric and climate science covers a wide variety of disciplines involving the physical and chemical properties and processes of the atmosphere. Current research in atmospheric sciences focuses on atmospheric dynamics, chemistry and biogeochemistry, air-sea-ice interactions, climate modeling, cloud and aerosol physics, radiative processes, mesoscale modeling, numerical weather prediction, aviation weather, and the upper atmosphere (stratosphere and mesosphere). The faculty are well-positioned to be a vibrant part of cross-cutting education and research in the Earth System Science Program. 

Graduate students are an essential component of a research university and an integral component of the research activities across the campus at UAF, both in the experiments in the laboratory and the field as well as in data sciences, which includes modeling and analysis of weather and climate data. Research institutes and the CNSM provide excellent environments for research in atmospheric and climate sciences as well as multidisciplinary research with researchers spanning diverse expertise.

Before appling for admission into ESS Atmospheric and Climate Sciences, students should review the materials with the Department of Atmospheric Sciences.

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