The Cryosphere Concentration is located within the geosphere cohort of ESS tracks. This concentration focuses on snow, sea-ice, glaciers, and permafrost. Research within the Cryosphere Concentration is grounded in physics, mathematics, numerical modeling and data science. Methods and applications in the Cryosphere seek to understand earth surface processes at high latitudes and how they are responding to ongoing climate change as well as associated impacts on both the built and natural environment. The courses and research associated with snow, sea-ice, glaciers, and permafrost connect with the full spectrum of topics in the Earth System Science curriculum, including geospatial sciences, geosciences, climate science, hydrology, ecology, and sustainability. The Cryosphere Concentration at UAF is strengthened by the expansive natural laboratory and faculty expertise. Ph.D. and MS coursework and graduate research will be conducted closely with the Geophysical Institute.

Before applying for admission into ESS Cryosphere, students should review the materials with the Department of Geosciences.

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