Textbooks for Spring 2023
Course # Sect Course Title Book or Software/author/publisher Edition ISBN
MATH F113X All Numbers and Society Math and Society/Lippman 2.6 9781479276530
MATH F122X 001 Essntl Precalc w/Applications Knewton Alta   9781635452440
MATH F122X 901 Essntl Precalc w/Applications Mathematics with Applications/Hawkes (software/ebook)   9781642771060
MATH F151X All College Algebra for Calculus Precalculus Plus Integrated Review/Sission/Hawkes 3rd 9781642772852
MATH F152X 001 Trigonometry Precalculus Plus Integrated Review/Sission/Hawkes 3rd 9781642772852
MATH F212 All Math for Elem School Tchrs II Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers/Bassarear /Cengage 7th 9781337629966
MATH F230X 001 Essential Calc w/Applications Knewton Alta   9781635452440
MATH F251X All Calculus I Openstax Calculus Volume 1   Download PDF
MATH F252X All Calculus II Openstax Calculus Volume 2   Download PDF
MATH F253X All Calculus III Openstax Calculus Volume 3   Download PDF
MATH F265 901 Intro to Mathematical Proofs A Transition to Abstract Mathematics: Learning Mathematical Thinking and Writing, Second Edition 2nd 9780323281256
MATH F302 All Differential Equations A First Course in Differential Equations/Zill/Cengage 11th 9781305965720
MATH F307 901 Discrete Mathematics Discrete Mathematics: An Open Introduction 3rd 9781792901690 Free online access
MATH F314 901 Linear Algebra Linear algebra and its applications, 6th edition 6th 9780135851159
MATH F316 All Intro Hist & Phil of Math The History of Mathematics: An Introduction 7th 9780073383156
MATH F405 All Abstract Algebra Abstract Algebra: Theory and Applications  2022 Download PDF
MATH F410 All Intro to Complex Analysis Fund of Complex Analysis/Saff/Pearson    9780139078743
MATH F490 901 Senior Seminar The Tiling Book/Adams/AMS - 9781470468972
MATH F615 All Num Analysis Diff Equations Finite Difference Methods for Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations/LeVeque/SIAM press - 9780898716290
MATH F651 All Topology Introduction to Topological Manifolds/Lee - Required 2nd 9781441979391
MATH F651 All Topology Essential Topology/ Crossley - Recommended   9781852337827
MATH F665 901 Topics in Graduate Math:PDE Control and Inverse Theory None    
STAT F200X All Elementary Statistics OpenIntro Statistics by Diez, Cetinkaya-Rundel, Barr 4th Download PDF
STAT F300 901 Statistics Probability and Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences, 8th edition - Book is Recommended -NOT required 8th 9780538733526
STAT F401 901 Regressn & Anlysis of Variance Applied Linear Regression by Sanford Weisberg 4th 9781118386088
STAT F454 901 Statistical Consulting Seminar None    
STAT F611 All Time Series Time Series Analysis with Aplpications in R (Cryer and Chan) 2nd 9781441926135
STAT F652 All Statistical Theory II Statistical Inference, by George Casella and Roger Berger 2nd 9780534243128
STAT F654 901 Statistical Consulting Seminar None    
STAT F671 All Statistical Computing Advanced R by Hadley Wickham (paperback) 2nd 9780815384571
STAT F694 901 Data Science: Data Visualization ggplot2 Elegant Graphics for Data Analysis/Hadley Wickham/Springer 2nd 9783319242750
STAT F694 901 Data Science: Data Visualization

R Graphics Cookbook: Practical Recipes for Visualizing Data/Winston Chang/O'Reilly - Book is Recommended -NOT required

2nd 9781491978603

All textbooks are listed on the website of the UAF Bookstore, where they can be ordered online. In addition, some publishers have created UAF websites for direct orders for certain courses.