June 28, 2019

REVISED – new language underlined below.

TO:                 Keli Hite McGee, CHRO
FROM:        James R. Johnsen, President
SUBJ:           Response to UA Human Resources Cost Savings and Strategic Planning Memo

Thank you for your June 20, 2019, memo (attached) regarding the cost savings and enhanced service levels that will be achieved by the UA HR redesign and other measures. Please see my instructions below. They are effective immediately - systemwide.

In addition to the information below, effective at noon today, there is a hiring freeze on all positions where an offer has not already been made.

  1. HR Redesign Cost Savings
    1. Continue transition as planned.
    2. Continue identifying cost savings throughout the transition.
  2. UA Executives and Senior Administrators
    1. Please assist the campuses to seek opportunities to consolidate those positions and evaluate the actual needs and responsibility of the position.
    2. Please refer all current and future vacancies for executives and senior administrators to me for approval prior to recruitment via the vacant and new positions analysis process.
  3. Systemwide Search Firm for Executive Level Recruitments
    1. All approved executive/senior administrator level recruitments will be routed through your office to start the process.
    2. Effective immediately, no search firms may be used for executive recruitments without your approval.
    3. As soon as possible, work with procurement to conduct an RFP process to negotiate a systemwide search firm contract. Once the contract is in place, all University of Alaska executive level/senior administrator searches will be conducted through that firm.
  4. University Out-of-State Workers
    1. I understand that we incur substantial cost as a result of a large number of out-of-state employees.
    2. Please identify opportunities to reduce non-specialized out-of-state employees so that in-state employees are considered first and thereby reduce costs.
  5. Employee Training and Professional Development
    1. Identify the budget at each university for employee training and professional development.
    2. Please assist in finding opportunities to provide training and development in collaborative and cost-effective ways.

As we continue with fiscal constraints relating to the State’s budget, recommendations and opportunities such as those listed above are critical.

Thank you for taking the lead.

Copy:      Vice Presidents
                   Chief Finance Officer
                   General Counsel
                   Vice Chancellors for Administration
                   Human Resources Directors