July 3, 2019

TO:                        Chancellors
FROM:                James R. Johnsen
SUBJECT:          Hiring and Salary Freeze

Due to the current uncertainty around the fiscal year 2020 budget, effective immediately, all hiring and salary increases on unrestricted funds, is hereby suspended. At each university, the Chancellor, and at SW, the President, or their delegates, are authorized to approve exceptions. The President shall approve all executive level positions. Due to the grave financial situation, the authorized officers are expected to exercise professional judgement and to be as conservative as possible when approving exceptions. Among the factors to be considered when determining exceptions:

  1. A "must have" to deliver instruction and research.
  2. A direct bearing on the safety, health and well being of humans and animals.
  3. To facilitate compliance with a law, regulation, or covenant.
  4. To facilitate basic operating functions, e.g., utilities, IT Network.

As noted above this guidance is applicable to positions partially or wholly funded on unrestricted funds. Student positions are exempted.