August 19, 2019

TO:                        Chancellors Sandeen, White, Caulfield, CFO Dosch
FROM:                Jim Johnsen
SUBJECT:          Amendment of Hiring, Travel, and Procurement Freezes 

Thank you for your diligent efforts over the last few weeks to reduce and contain expenditures - I know it has made a difference. In light of less reduction to our FY20 state funding, I am amending my July 2019 hiring, travel and procurement freezes, as further described below. The state funding outlook is still very serious ($70 million over the three years), so while these specific freezes are being amended, continued executive judgement in committing resources is required throughout the university system. 


Hiring returns to the process in place prior to the freeze, with the following conditions: 1) all executive level positions must be approved by me prior to recruitment, and 2) significant judgment should be exercised in hiring personnel in light of restructuring efforts. With respect to executive level positions, I ask that you obtain my approval prior to commencing the search, including whether to engage a search consultant. And on that point, I have asked CHRO McGee to go through a procurement process to select a firm (or firms) who would do all of our search work at a discounted price.


Travel returns to the process prior to the freeze with the understanding that all will continue to use professional judgement in approving travel. Please also continue to adopt the new travel system to maximize efficiencies and obtain negotiated discounts.


Procurement returns to the process prior to the freeze. Your ongoing focus to reduce and contain discretionary expenditures, such as dues and memberships, is much appreciated. Thank you.


Michelle Rizk
Paul Layer
Keli McGee