Student safety and Title IX training

UAF students,

Thank you for choosing to be a part of the UAF student body. We all bear responsibility for helping make UAF’s campuses safe, welcoming and inclusive for our students, employees and the communities we serve. Every member of Nanook Nation can make a difference if we do our part to take care of each other.

To help keep our community safe, UAF requires all degree students and students living in our campus housing to complete part one of the Title IX “Sex and Gender Discrimination” and part one of the AlcoholEDU training as part of the enrollment process each year. These interactive online programs help our UAF community members achieve their personal and academic goals in a safe, welcoming, supportive environment. Students will shortly receive more information on how to complete the course from Dean of Students Laura McCollough.

Training and awareness programs are components of a suite of preventive strategies we use to increase awareness about healthy relationships and to help protect everyone from sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking, and domestic and intimate partner violence.

We will continue our efforts to make UAF an inclusive environment for everyone. Discrimination does not have a home at UAF. Together we can make a difference.

— Daniel M. White, chancellor