November 15, 2019

TO:                Amanda Wall
                        Ali Knabe
                        Daniel Vaziri
                        Chanachai Charoonsophonsak
                        Keith Swarner
                        Bryan Uher
                        Jackie Morton
                        Terlynn Olds
                        Owen Guthrie
                        Todd Sherman
                        Shelby Carlson
                        Mike Earnest
                        Michael McFetridge
FROM:        Daniel M. White, Chancellor
SUBJ:           Tuition and Fee Committee

In order to best serve our students, improve processes, and align with UAF’s strategic goals and initiatives, I am establishing a standing Tuition and Fee Committee. I ask that Associate Vice Chancellor for Financial Services (Amanda Wall) chair this committee, with the following charge:

  • Conduct a periodic review of student tuition and fees, including:
    • Review UAF’s fee structure and make recommendations to reduce the number and/or complexity of fees charged to students.
    • Review the application of student fees to ensure transparency and alignment with strategic goals.
    • Review “differential” tuition and fees, where applicable.
  • Annually prepare a UAF tuition recommendation for the Chancellor to inform the President’s tuition proposal development. 

As a first task, I ask that this committee develop the process to be used for the periodic review, including scope and timing, and recommend a simplified fee structure. Please plan to share this first report with me in January 2020, so that it may be considered prior to the catalog publication deadline. Please refer to Board of Regents’ Policy 05.10 and the corresponding university regulations. 

The standing committee will include the following representatives (current incumbents in parentheses): 

  • AVC Finance (Amanda Wall)
  • AVC Student Services (Ali Knabe)
  • Student Governance Representative (Daniel Vaziri)
  • Graduate Student Representative (Chanachai Charoonsophonsak)
  •  CTC Administrator (Keith Swarner)
  • CRCD Administrator (Brian Uher)
  • eCampus Executive Director (Owen Guthrie)
  • Athletics Administrator (Terlynn Olds)
  • Dean (Todd Sherman)
  • OMB Analyst (Shelby Carlson)
  •  Military and Veteran’s Affairs Director (Jackie Morton)
  • Registrar (Mike Earnest)
  • Bursar’s Office Subject Matter Expert (Michael McFetridge)

Thank you for your service.


cc:               Chancellor's Core Cabinet