May 15, 2020

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TO: Provost Prakash and Vice Chancellors Champagne, Hinzman, Peter and Queen
FROM: Daniel M. White, Chancellor
RE: Docusign Process

I receive many Docusign requests. I am happy to approve by Docusign but it does present some challenges. In particular, I often receive requests directly from fiscal technicians and PPAs in departments. In many cases, I cannot tell if the dean or director approves (or even knows) and I do not have your input. Please have all units within your division that require my signature on documents via DocuSign, go through the following approval process prior to submission:

  1. Approval of Dean or Director
  2. Approval of Provost/Vice Chancellor
  3. Submit via DocuSign for Chancellor approval at

All documentation should be included as signature pages alone will not be signed. Please allow up to three business days for my approval.

Thank you.


memo cc recipients
cc: Nickole Conley, Executive Officer
Margo Griffith, Director
Kate Ripley, Director
Michelle Renfrew, Director
Gretchen Gordon, Interim General Manager
Meryem Udden, Manager