May 13, 2020


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TO: Strategic Planning Committee Chairs, UAF
FROM: Daniel M. White, Chancellor
RE: Advancing UAF’s Strategic Plan

As the university advances on our “new normal” our strategic plan must pivot to point us in the direction of opportunity. During our strategic planning committee (SPC) meeting on Monday, May 4, 2020, we discussed what that could look like. To advance this thinking and our planning, I ask the SPC to take the next three months to look at two issues:

  1. Prioritize the original steps you developed as part of our strategic plan in the context of our funding environment and the new opportunities presented to us by the unprecedented changes in higher education. Please focus on what steps have already been accomplished, what steps remain critical to achieve, and what steps might be reworked in our new context.
  2. Think about cross-cutting themes that represent the university and the strategic planning goals as originally outlined but in a new way. In the same way that “One Health” has allowed us to think across disciplines and advance many areas of our university, what other themes bring our goals closer together. Executive Officer Conley can assist you with any materials or outreach needed to continue working with the SPC. Please be prepared share your findings by August 4.

As always, your work and dedication to the university and advancing our mission is much appreciated. Right now, at this critical time in our history, we need your positive, forward thinking. This is the time!

Thank you for choosing UAF.


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cc: Nickole Conley, Executive Officer