March 31, 2020

To Whom it May Concern: 

Efforts are being made all across the state to support our local healthcare providers and facilities as we pivot and mobilize with the changing environment of COVID:19. Recently, UAF was called upon to help solve some of our own local needs at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital. In particular, many needs are arising to develop new technologies, or use our specialized machines or equipment to manufacture desperately needed parts or supplies.

It will be useful during this time of many unknowns, for us to coordinate UAF’s technical assistance effort.  I have asked Gwen Holdmann to serve as a liaison between the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) and Fairbanks Memorial Hospital (FMH) for inquiries of technical assistance from the UAF community.   Her email address is

Please coordinate with Gwen on efforts being made to assist FMH with COVID:19 with research or other technical needs that we may provide. This will help eliminate confusion and provide a robust and efficient effort from our campus community.

Many may already be providing technical assistance to FMH in this time of need, and if you are, thank you. Please reach out to Gwen if you are already working with the hospital or if you would like to offer your help as we coordinate the work of many on issues the hospital is elevating to us. 

Thank you for choosing UAF.  Be well. 

Daniel M. White
University of Alaska Fairbanks