January 22, 2019

TO:                Anupma Prakash, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor
                         Larry Hinzman, Vice Chancellor, Research
FROM:        Daniel M. White, Chancellor
SUBJ:           Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station Reindeer
                         Large Animal Research Station

Thank you both for your input and contributions to studies regarding the disposition of reindeer at the Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station.  After review, I ask that adequate penning be identified at the Large Animal Research Station (LARS) to accommodate the AFES reindeer.  Please identify adequate facilities needed to ensure that all functions required to care for the reindeer and conduct research on them are met at LARS.  This move is being requested to ensure the health of the reindeer based on recommendations made to me.  While at LARS I ask that the feed be determined by the University’s veterinarian, Dr. John Blake.  It is my expectation that researchers from AFES will continue to have access to the reindeer for research purposes.

It is my understanding that there is active dialogue to move the reindeer to a private sector partner (e.g. Steven’s Village farm in Delta).  Please ensure that if a transfer is made, that the animals are moved before the first week of September.  If not, please move the reindeer to LARS by September 6, 2019. 

Please let me know if there are concerns regarding this requested action.