February 25, 2019

TO:                  UAF Provost and EVC Prakash
                          UAF Vice Chancellors
                          UAF Executive Officer Conley
FROM:          Daniel M. White, Chancellor
SUBJ:             Budget prioritization 

As you think about high level priorities, please ask deans and directors to collaboratively look at new models that could allow for growth in revenue or garner savings.  New model possibilities might be combined colleges or institutes, programs, and services. For example, as we think about options, it is likely time for a consolidated services center that can provide financial, travel, HR, and research support for UAF. This model has been discussed for many years and is already partly implemented by research units. At this early point in the legislative session and with such a wide range in the possible scenarios, I think we cannot yet provide deans and directors with a target budget reduction. The time is right, however, to be thinking big about new and constructive ways to operate knowing that there will likely be a reduction and the one already proposed is significant. Furthermore, as we look at consolidation of facilities as a significant source of savings, please ask that all unit leaders be flexible and accommodating with space. 

I am sending a set of talking points to the Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce board today.  I will post these tomorrow at www.uaf.alaska/chancellor/initiatives-and-policies/advocacy and we can begin using them in communications while the system office secures contracted assistance for our messaging and advocacy.

As I said in my message at the Blue and Gold celebration, in this time of uncertainty, one thing is certain.  UAF is a great research university that focuses on students and their education from the community and rural college level to the Ph.D. The unknowns in the budget will be with us for some months to come. In the face of this uncertainty, however, take pride in what you do today and every day.

I would like to have some initial “new model” ideas from deans and directors submitted to you by March 13 for discussion at the next Core Cabinet meeting.

Thank you.