February 1, 2019

TO: James R. Johnsen, UA President

FROM: Daniel M. White, Chancellor

SUBJ:Fab-lab Space & Equipment

In late November 2018, I requested feedback from UAF vice chancellors and their deans and directors on new and existing fab-lab space and equipment ideas. This was in preparation for your request of $2M in strategic funding in UA’s FY20 budget.

I’ve attached a schematic layout of UAF’s current preliminary fab-lab infrastructure and the proposed level of investment needed to optimize these spaces and create a thriving innovative environment across UAF campuses and UA more broadly. 

If you would like additional information on any of these spaces, please let me know.


cc:        Nickole Conley, Executive Officer


Graphic of UAF's preliminary list of Existing Fab-lab infrastructure and proposed level of investment for each. See text table below for detailed explanation.

UAF preliminary list of existing fab-lab infrastructure and proposed level of investment
Future growth
UAF eCampus instructional design team
UAF preliminary list of existing fab-lab infrastructure Proposed level of investment
Music 305 Alaska media arts lab $250,000
ELIF 108 milling machine $250,000
Mechanical Engineering Dept. design lab $250,000
CTC 3D printing lab $250,000
Art Dept. fabrication and casting lab $250,000
Bristol Bay fabrication lab $250,000
ELIF's "engineering on display" space $250,000
Mather Library maker space $250,000
Electrical Computer Engineering Dept. "Pick and Place" (cube sat) $250,000
CEM machine shop $500,000
GI 3D printing lab $500,000
Proposed metal-printing lab $1,000,000