February 24, 2020

TO:                   Anupma Prakash, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor
                           Keith Champagne, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
                           Larry Hinzman, Vice Chancellor for Research
                           Evon Peter, Vice Chancellor for Rural, Community, and Native Education
                           Julie Queen, Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services
FROM:          Daniel M. White, Chancellor
RE:                  Shared Services Business Center Proposals Update

As proposals for shared service centers at UAF (Troth Yeddha) are being finalized, I understand that there is some hesitancy from authors regarding confidentiality of the proposals. Since it appears that concerns about sharing may be holding up good proposals I’ll ask that we take the following approach:

  1. Once proposals are submitted, a summary of each will be posted by Executive Officer Conley rather than posting the original proposals.
  2. After proposals have been reviewed and narrowed (and possibly modified) we will work with the authors to post proposal details so comments can be collected. I think it is important that we get feedback on proposals/models being considered for implementation. 

Please distribute as appropriate.

cc: Chancellor’s Cabinet, Faculty Senate, Staff Council, ASUAF