Request for Proposals: Shared Service Business Centers on Troth Yeddha’ Campus

DATE      December 18, 2019

TO           Anupma Prakash, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor
                Keith Champagne, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
                Larry Hinzman, Vice Chancellor for Research
                Evon Peter, Vice Chancellor for Rural, Community, and Native Education
                Julie Queen, Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services

FROM     Daniel M. White, Chancellor

In recent budget columns I have discussed the need to build on the shared service models that have been organically growing on campus. The models have been sprouting up between units as a way of providing depth and breadth of service in a reduced budget environment. In order to expand our use of shared services on the Troth Yeddha’ campus, and considering the feedback received to date, I invite proposals to provide full service business centers (comprising travel, purchasing, financial transaction management, and PPA duties) for the Troth Yeddha’ campus. Judging by public input, proximity is important. To this end, and for the purposes of planning, I’d like to get proposals for one business center on Core Campus and one on West Ridge.

Since the goal is to build on the models already being developed, I invite proposals from Directors and Deans who are responsible for existing business units. It is my expectation that proposals will be individually reviewed by you, with recommendations to me. I will separately solicit input from Faculty Senate, Staff Council, and ASUAF. Please note that I will post the proposals publically so they should be prepared with that expectation.

Each proposal should:

  1. Identify the units to be served by the proposed center
  2. Identify the management structure for the proposed center and describe how partners and users can escalate and resolve issues to ensure service standards are met
  3. Include proposed service standards (e.g., responsiveness, turn-around time, availability) and proposed service level agreements with units
  4. Include a proposed org chart/staffing plan for the center (FTE by role/responsibility/ embedded within an existing unit, or creating a viable service management structure)
  5. Identify costs or savings that the shared services model will produce, including a funding strategy (e.g., charge back rates).
  6. Where possible, include support letters from (at the dean/director level) for the proposed model.

Please keep the proposals to less than 10 pages (inclusive of charts or budget sheets). Proposals should be submitted by February 14, 2020 to Samara Taber, Interim Executive Officer, at

CC: Chancellor’s Cabinet, Faculty Senate, Staff Council, ASUAF