December 10, 2018

TO: Syndonia Bret-Harte, President, Faculty Senate

FROM: Daniel M. White, Chancellor

SUBJ: Faculty Task Force on F&A Rates

Dr. Bret-Harte,

I am in receipt of the memorandum from UAF faculty expressing concerns regarding the proposed F&A rate. In addition, a second group of faculty submitted a letter of concern. As follow-up, I met with authors David Fee, Andrew Mahoney, and Nicole Misarti on December 6 regarding the same concerns.

As I shared with Faculty Senate, the rate is initiated as a formulaic calculation made by Statewide Administration’s Chief Finance Officer Myron Dosch according to federal regulation and submitted to the Office of Naval Research (ONR). We have not yet entered a discussion phase on what rate UAF will choose. That cannot begin until after ONR determines the rate they would accept, which could be lower than the formulaic calculation referred to above.

Once we get to the discussion phase, I will form a task force made up of [proposed] yourself and Drs. Fee, Mahoney, Misarti, Boylan and Sandy Kowalski. I will ask this group to formulate a recommendation on the proposed UAF rate going forward.

I look forward to working with you and this task force as soon as we have a response from ONR with a rate to discuss.


cc: Anupma Prakash, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor
Larry Hinzman, Vice Chancellor for Research
Kari Burrell, Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services
Evon Peter, Vice Chancellor for Rural, Community and Native Education