2007-2008 Academic Catalog

Faculty, Staff and Emeriti

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Nacke, David S.--2007--Fine Arts Collection Manager (2007), MUSEUM. Western Washington University ’90, BA; University of New Mexico ’97, MA; ’04, PhD.

Nakazawa, Anthony T.--1981--Professor (2007), SNRAS. University of Hawaii ’71, BA; University of California, Santa Barbara ’74, MA; University of California, Berkeley, ’76, MS; ’79, PhD.

Nakoneczny, Michael M.--2000--Associate Professor (2005), Art, CLA. Cleveland State University ’79, BFA; University of Cincinnati ’81, MFA.

Nance, Kara L.--1993--Professor of Computer Science (2001), CNSM; Instructor of Computer Science, Independent Learning Program, CDE/CRCD. University of Alaska Fairbanks ’84, AA; ’85, BT; University of Oklahoma, ’86, MS; ’91, PhD.

Napolski, John S.--2002--Resident Director (2002), SES. College of Dupage ’97, AS; Southern Illinois University Carbondale ’00, BS.

Nehme, Zeina--2004--Term Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics (2004), NWC/CRCD. American University of Beirut ’88, BS; University of New Mexico ’90, MS.

Nelson- Rothschild, Roger F.--2001--Term Assistant Professor of Chemistry (2004), KUC/CRCD. University of Alaska Fairbanks ’03, BS; ’05, MS.

Nesbitt, Peter A.--2005--Assistant Professor of Military Science (2005), CLA. United States Military Academy ’01, BS.

Nettleton, Lorien M.--2000--Science Writer/ Web Developer (2005), ARSC. Metropolitan State College ’04, BA.

Newberry, Rainer J.--1982--Professor of Geology (1992), CNSM. Massachusetts Institute of Technology ’75, BS; Stanford University ’78, MS; ’80, PhD.

Newby, Greg B.--2003--Chief Scientist; Research Assistant Professor (2003), ARSC. State University of New York at Albany ’87, BA; ’88, MA; Syracuse University ’87, PhD.

Newman, David E.--1998--Professor of Physics (2005), CNSM. University of Pittsburgh ’83, BS; University of Wisconsin ’93, PhD.

Nichols, Doris M.--1981--Assistant to the Provost (1997), PROV. International Business College ’68, AA.

Nielsen, Hans C.--1967--Professor of Geophysics (1982), CNSM, GI. Royal Technical University of Denmark ’65, MS.

Nielsen, Jamie M.--2003--Term Extension Instructor (2006), CES. University of Michigan ’96, BS; University of Idaho ’03, MS.

Niles, Jesse R.--2004--User Services Consultant (2004), ARSC. University of Alaska Fairbanks ’03, BS.

Nix, Mina M.--2004--Student Services Technician 2 (2004), Financial Aid, SES. University of Alaska Fairbanks ’04, AA; ’06, BBA.

Noble, Diane M.--1994--Assistant Professor of Education (2003), SOE. St. Cloud State University ’68, BS; University of Alaska Fairbanks ’81, MEd; University of Southern California, ’86, EdD.

Nolan, Matthew A.--1990--Associate Research Professor (2004), WERC/INE. Carnegie Mellon University ’88, BS; University of Alaska Anchorage ’92, MS; University of Alaska Fairbanks, ’97, PhD.

Norcross, Brenda L.--1989--Professor of Marine Science (2001), IMS/SFOS. MacMurray College ’71; St. Louis University ’76, MS; College of William and Mary, ’83, PhD.

Norris, Belinda R.--1997--Family/Faculty Housing Coordinator (2004), Residence Life, SES. University of Alaska Fairbanks ’01, BA.

Nudson, Oralee N.--2006--User Consultant (2006), ARSC. Boise State University ’01, BS; ’03, BS.