2007-2008 Academic Catalog

Faculty, Staff and Emeriti

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Fabbri, Cindy E.--2005--Term Assistant Professor of Education (2005), SOE, CNSM. Miami University ’94, BA; University of Alaska Fairbanks ’02, MEd.

Falk, Kathleen A.--2003--Program Coodinator (2005), International Programs, PROV.

Faudree, Jill--1998--Associate Professor of Mathematics (2004), CNSM. Tulane University ’91, BS; University of Memphis ’93, MS; Emory University, ’98, PhD.

Fellerath, John T.--1996--Director, Center for Health and Counseling (1996), SES; Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Services (2006). LeMoyne College ’66, BA; Ohio State University ’68, MA; ’72, PhD.

Fellerath, Sheila--2003--Instructor (1998), Political Science, CLA. University of North Carolina School of Law ’79, JD.

Ferguson, Dallas W.--2004--Assistant Hockey Coach (2004), ATHREC. University of Alaska Fairbanks ’02, BBA.

Ferrell, Kathy D.--1996--Systems Technician (1999), TVC/CRCD. University of Alaska Fairbanks ’97, BA; ’04, AAS.

Filler, Dennis M.--2006--Assistant Professor (2006), Civil & Environmental Engineering, CEM. University of Central Florida ’86, BS; ’88, MS; University of Alaska Fairbanks, ’97, PhD.

Filotei, Jenifer A.--2001--Term Assistant Professor of Dental Assisting (2004), TVC/CRCD. Edmonds Community College ’86, AAS.

Finney, Bruce P.--1991--Professor of Marine Science (2002), IMS/SFOS. University of Minnesota ’79, BS; Oregon State University ’87, PhD.

Finstad, Gregory L.--1981--Instructor; Manager, Reindeer Research Program (2000), AFES/SNRAS. University of Alaska Fairbanks ’81, BS.

Fisher, Kerynn L.--1998--Communications Coordinator (2000), MUSEUM. University of Virginia ’94, BA.

Fitts, Alexandra E.--1995--Associate Professor of Spanish (2002), Foreign Languages & Literatures, CLA. Furman University ’84, BA; Bowling Green State University ’87, MA; Duke University, ’95, PhD.

Fix, Peter J.--2002--Assistant Professor of Resources Management (2002), AFES/SNRAS. University of Wisconsin--La Crosse ’92, BS; Colorado State University ’96, MS; ’02, PhD.

Fochesatto, Gilberto J.--2004--Research Associate Professor (2004), GI. Universitad Tecnologica Metropolitana ’91, Eng.; Universite Pierre Et Marie Curie ’00, PhD.

Foldoe, Audrey J.--2000--Instructor of Applied Business (2000), CDE/CRCD.

Foley, Donald J.--1991--Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Life (2003); Director of Judicial Services (2003), SES. University of Pacific ’80, BA; Oregon State University ’80, MEd.

Follmann, Erich H.--1976--Professor of Biology (1996), CNSM, IAB. Loyola University Chicago ’65, BS; Southern Illinois University ’68, MA; ’73, PhD.

Fong, Quentin S.--1999--Associate Professor of Seafood Marketing (2006), IMS/MAP/SFOS. Florida Institute of Technology ’81, BS; ’89, MS; University of Rhode Island, ’99, PhD.

Fontes, Jennifer L.--1999--Office Manager (2001), SES. University of Alaska Fairbanks ’01, AAS.

Foote, Victoria (Torie) M.--2001--Director of Health Programs (2006), CRCD. Colorado State University ’74, BA; University of Northern Colorado ’80, MA.

Forbes, Liam O.--1991--HPC Systems Analyst (1996), ARSC; Group Leader. University of Alaska Fairbanks ’95, BS; ’98, MS.

Forshaw, Robert A.--2003--Coordinator, Alaska’s Digital Archives (2005), Alaska and Polar Regions Department, LIB. Auburn University ’92, BA.

Foster, Anne L.--2002--Assistant Professor of Library Science (2002); Head of Archives (2002), LIB. Montana State University ’92, BA; University of Maryland ’95, MLS.

Foster, Edward L.--1993--Superintendent of Operations (1998), FS.

Foster, Nora R.--1998--Coordinator, Aquatic Collection (1981), MUSEUM. University of Alaska Fairbanks ’69, BS; ’79, MS.

Fowell, Sarah J.--1997--Associate Professor of Geology (2005), ESTES/CNSM. University of Wisconsin ’87, BS; Columbia University ’91, MS; ’91, MPH; ’94, PhD.

Fox Jr, John D.--1973--Associate Professor of Land Resources Management (1993), AFES/SNRAS. Trinity College ’68, BS; University of Washington ’70, MS; ’76, PhD.

Foy, Robert J.--1993--Assistant Professor (1999), IMS/FITC/SFOS. University of Michigan ’93, BS; University of Alaska Fairbanks ’96, MS; ’00, PhD.

Frandsen, Michele R.--1984--Program Manager (2001), SG/SFOS.

Fraser II, Warren G.--1970--Manager, Printing Services (1990), VCAS. University of Alaska Fairbanks ’00, BS; ’02, MBA.

Freiburger, Annette J.--2004--Coordinator, Nenana Center (2004), IAC/CRCD. Fort Lewis College ’96, BA.

Freymueller, Jeffery--1995--Professor of Geophysics (2004), CNSM, GI. California Institute of Technology ’85, BS; University of South Carolina ’88, MS; ’91, PhD.

Friend, Alice M.--2005--Admissions Outreach Coordinator (2005), SES. Ripon College ’04, BA.

Fristoe, Debbie--1997--Administrative Assistant (2002), SOM.

Fuller, Sidney (Adam) A.--2005--Research Associate (2005), JC/SFOS. Louisiana State University ’98, BS; New Mexico State University ’00, MS; Texas Tech University, ’04, PhD.

Furlow, Nancy J.--2001--Assistant Professor of Native American Studies (2004), Alaska Native Studies, CLA. Smith College ’92, BA; University of California, Santa Barbara ’97, MA.