2007-2008 Academic Catalog

Faculty, Staff and Emeriti

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Gabrielli, Ralph--1980--Associate Professor, Department of Alaska Native and Rural Development (2001); Associate Professor of Education (1987), CRCD. State University of New York ’65, BA; ’66, MS; Syracuse University, ’71, PhD.

Ganguli, Rajive--1999--Associate Professor of Mining Engineering (2003), CEM. Osmania University, India ’91, BE; Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University ’95, MS; University of Kentucky, ’99, PhD.

Geagel, Michael R.--1995--Site Manager, Kasitsna Bay Laboratory (1995), IMS/SFOS.

Geier, Hans T.--1998--Term Research Extension Instructor (2005), CES/AFES/SNRAS. Southwest State University ’82, BS; Washington State University ’89, MACE; University of Alaska Fairbanks, ’93, MS.

Geiger, Amy R.--1994--Manager, Visitor Services (1995), MUSEUM. University of Hawaii ’85, BS; University of Alaska Fairbanks ’88, MA.

Genetti, Jon D.--1993--Associate Professor of Computer Science (2001), CNSM; Department Chair, Computer Science (2005). Texas A&M University ’86, BS; ’88, MSC; ’93, PhD.

Gerlach, Scott (Craig) C.--1988--Professor of Anthropology (2006), CLA. University of Oklahoma ’75, BA; ’77, MA; Brown University, ’89, PhD.

Gharrett, Anthony J.--1976--Professor of Fisheries (1989), JC/SFOS. California Institute of Technology ’67, BS; Oregon State University ’73, MS; ’75, PhD.

Gho, Carol L.--2003--Instructor of Math and Science (2003); Term Assistant Professor of Developmental Education (2003), IAC/CRCD. Brigham Young University ’69, BS; University of Alaska Fairbanks ’99, MA.

Gibson, Georgina A.--2006--Post Doctoral Fellow (2006), ARSC, Arctic Region Supercomputing Center. University of Wales Bangor, U.K. ’98, BS; University of Alaska Fairbanks ’04, PhD.

Gieck Jr, Robert E.--1986--Hydrometeorologist (1986), WERC/INE. University of Alaska Fairbanks ’82, BS; ’86, MS.

Gilbert, Marie E.--2002--Publications and Information Coordinator (2003), IAB. Ohio State University ’86, BS; Western Michigan University ’97, BS.

Gilmore, Perry--2003--Professor of Education, Emerita, SOE. Temple University ’66, BS; ’76, MS; University of Pennsylvania, ’82, PhD.

Gimbel, John G.--1987--Professor of Mathematics (1993), CNSM. Andrews University ’77, BS; Western Michigan University ’84, PhD.

Gladden, James N.--1985--Professor of Political Science (2001), CLA. Indiana University Bloomington ’72, BA; ’84, PhD; University of Houston ’77, MA.

Goering, Douglas J.--1989--Professor of Mechanical Engineering (1999), CEM; Acting Dean, College of Engineering and Mines (2006). University of Washington ’81, BS; University of Alaska Fairbanks ’84, MS; University of California, Berkeley, ’89, PhD.

Goering, Gregory E.--1990--Professor of Economics (1998), SOM. University of Alaska Fairbanks ’84, BA; ’86, MS; Purdue University, ’88, MS; ’90, PhD.

Gold, Carol--1980--Professor of History (1994), CLA. Antioch College ’64, BA; University of Wisconsin ’67, MA; ’75, PhD.

Gonzalez, John--2005--Assistant Professor of Psychology (2005), CLA. Bemidji State University ’99, BS; University of North Dakota ’02, MA; ’05, PhD.

Gordon, Gretchen C.--2003--Director of Development and Outreach (2003), KUAC. University of Texas at Austin ’89, BA; Association of Fundrasing Professionals ’04, CFRE.

Gorman, Robert F.--1991--Professor of Extension (2002); Resource Development Agent, Anchorage District (1991); Natural Resources and Rural Development Program Chair (2006), CES. University of Massachusetts ’67, AA; University of Arkansas ’74, BSA; Washington State University, ’77, MS.

Goula, Crystal A.--1986--EMAS Coordinator (2003), SES. University of Alaska Fairbanks ’89, BS; ’95, MS.

Goula, Juan A.--1984--Coordinator (2005), GRAD. University of Alaska Fairbanks ’89, BS.

Gradinger, Rolf R.--2001--Assistant Professor of Marine Science (2001), IMS/SFOS. University of Maine ’81, BS; University of Kiel ’89, MS; ’89, PhD.

Grahek II, Michael E.--1989--Director, Procurement and Contract Services (2004), VCAS. University of Alaska Fairbanks ’88, BBA.

Gray, Patricia A.--2003--Assistant Professor of Anthropology (2003), CLA. University of Michigan ’82, BA; Southern Illinois University Carbondale ’92, MA; University of Wisconsin-Madison, ’98, PhD.

Greci, Dana--1997--Assistant Professor of Developmental Education (2004), CRCD. Brown University ’86, BA; University of Alaska Fairbanks ’91, MA; ’01, MFA.

Green, Rachel T.--2005--Resident Director (2005), SES. University of Montevallo ’03, BS; ’05, MEd.

Green, Thomas K.--2001--Professor of Chemistry (2001), CNSM. Kearney State College ’77, BS; University of Tennessee ’84, PhD.

Greenberg, Andrea R.--2000--Term Assistant Professor (2002), CDE/CRCD. Washington State University ’87, BA; ’90, MA.

Greenberg, Joshua A.--1990--Associate Professor of Resource Economics (1995), Resources Management, AFES/SNRAS. University of Connecticut ’82, BA; University of Alaska Fairbanks ’84, MS; Washington State University, ’90, PhD.

Griffith, Dennis (Brad) B.--1996--Associate Professor of Wildlife Ecology (1996); Assistant Leader (1996), AKCFWRU/CNSM/IAB. University of Missouri-Columbia ’69, BA; Oregon State University ’77, MS; University of Idaho, ’88, PhD.

Grigg, Susan L.--1996--Professor of Library Science (1998); Head, Alaska and Polar Regions Collections (1996), LIB. Oberlin College ’68, BA; University of Wisconsin ’70, MA; ’78, PhD; Simmons College, ’93, MSLIS.

Grikurova, Alla--1990--Instructor of Russian (1990), Foreign Languages & Literatures, CLA. St. Petersburg State University ’79, MA.

Grimes, Marmian L.--2005--Public Information Officer (2005), UR. University of Alaska Fairbanks ’96, BA.

Griscavage, Maggie M.--2001--Director (2001), Grants and Contracts Administration, FS. Kennedy Western University ’01, BS.

Grossweiner, Karen A.--2005--Assistant Professor of English (2005), CLA. Carleton College ’76, BA; University of Wisconsin-Madison ’86, MA; ’01, PhD.

Grove, Robert A.--1989--Operations Manager (1991), GI. California State University, Chico ’69, BA.

Gustafson, Karen A.--2004--Assistant Professor of Music (2005), CLA. University of Victoria, Canada ’87, BM; Northwestern University ’91, MM; University of Minnesota, ’01.

Gustafson, Kathleen A.--1995--Instructor of Mathematics (2000), CNSM. Macalester College ’89, BA; University of Alaska Fairbanks ’97, MS.

Guthridge, George L.--1990--Professor of English and General Studies (1999), BBC/CRCD. Portland State University ’70, BA; University of Montana ’72, MFA.