Publication: U.S. Arctic Deepwater Port

US Arctic Deepwater Port

US Arctic Deepwater Port: Value-Added Capabilities in Support of National Security

Troy J. Bouffard,
Edward M. Soto
March, 2021

Over the last decade, military security issues in the Arctic have continued to present growing competitive challenges throughout the region. Moreover, much of the emerging concern is focused on the maritime domain, as diminishing sea ice represents a forcing event that is enabling increased maritime access to the Arctic and evolving perspectives concerning emergency and security requirements. Discussion involving the opening sea lanes in the North and the ‘Race for Resources’ has dominated the debate for many years. However, experts have persistently debunked many of the myths, while pragmatic security-related concerns continue to solidify into the concrete realities of today’s defining Arctic military issues. Yet even with improved clarity, the United States continues to face political commitment and resourcing challenges while developing Arctic-related national security priorities, especially with continuing national defense legacy requirements. In light of the difficulties, one effort in particular has consistently led as a strategic priority in terms of developing a key maritime infrastructure project.