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225G Bunnell Building
(907) 474-5480

  • Director - Center for Arctic Security and Resilience (CASR)
  • Instructor - UAF Homeland Security and Emergency Management  Program
  • Research Fellow (non-resident), Centre for Defence and Security Studies (CDSS), University of Manitoba
  • Network Coordinator: North American and Arctic Defense and Security Network (NAADSN)
  • edX Instructor: Arctic Security Fundamentals
  • Arctic Council EPPR project member
  • George C. Marshall Center for Security Studies alumni (adjunct)

Troy Bouffard has been a full-time faculty instructor at UAF in the HSEM program since 2015. He is the designer and instructor for the Arctic Security graduate concentration and graduate certificate in the Masters of Security and Disaster Management program.

Troy was the co-principal investigator and program manager of the USNORTHCOM / ALCOM Arctic Defense and Security Orientation (ADSO) program from 2013-2021.  ADSO was the primary educational program responsible for baselining DOD knowledge of the Arctic region through an operational focus. Troy is also a Russian linguist (advanced beginner - 4th year/C1), published as well as cited in Russian outlets. Other "languages" Troy knows relevant to Arctic security involve experience in diplomacy, operational, and academia/research endeavors - all of which have guided his contributions and continued pursuit of relevance critical to the topic.



  • (In progress - 2nd year student) PhD, Interdisciplinary Program: Russian Federation Arctic Defense and International Strategy
  • MA, 2016, Arctic Policy, University of Alaska Fairbanks
  • BA, 2014, Political Science, cum laude, University of Alaska Fairbanks


Publications (peer-reviewed)

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  • Added to the NSF public repository with cited research awards 2021
  • Featured on the UNFAO site (United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization)

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Publications (Editorial, Commentary, Other)

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Publications in Progress



Editorial and Reviews

  • Guest editor for the Journal of Indo-Pacific Affairs (JIPA), USINDOPACOM Combatant Command publication, Volume 5, Issue 5 – Arctic Security, Sep-Oct 2022
  • Content manager and editor, case study design: "Arctic Narratives and Political Values: Arctic States, China and NATO," NATO Strategic Communication Center of Excellence, Riga, Latvia.
  • Peer-reviewer: Arctic Narratives and Political Values: Canada, China, and Russia in the Arctic, August 2018
    • NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence, Riga, Latvia. July 2018
  • Peer-reviewer: Executive summaries (separate) published by the NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence, Riga, Latvia. July 2018, including:


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