Dr. Nancy Teeple

Dr. Nancy Teeple

Dr. Nancy Teeple

Email: teeplen@gmail.com

Dr. Nancy Teeple is a Defence Scientist-Strategic Analyst with Defence R&D Canada’s Centre of Operational Research (DRDC CORA) at the Canadian Army Land Warfare Centre (CALWC) in Kingston, Ontario. Her research areas are nuclear strategy and arms control, nuclear and conventional deterrence, North American defence modernization, integrated air and missile defence (IAMD), and Arctic defence and security.

Dr. Teeple is also an adjunct assistant professor and research associate at the Department of Political Science and Economics at the Royal Military College of Canada (RMCC) and was the 2020-21 postdoctoral fellow at the North American and Arctic Defence and Security Network (NAADSN) (DND MINDS). She recently held the 2019-2020 Fulbright Canada Research Chair in Peace and War Studies at Norwich University in Vermont where she explored the causal processes in the formulation of U.S. Arctic security and defence policy, within the context of the Canada-U.S. continental defence relationship. In December 2020, Dr. Teeple received the NORAD and USNORTHCOM Homeland Defence Academic Symposium Writing Award for best practitioner paper “The Future of Canadian Participation in Missile Defence,” with recognition by General (USAF) Glen VanHerck, Commander of NORAD and USNORTHCOM, and Lieutenant-General (RCAF) Alain Pelletier, Deputy Commander of NORAD.

Notable publications include a recent edited volume (with Ryan Dean) Shielding North America: Canada’s Role in NORAD Modernization, NAADSN Engage Series (2021); and peer reviewed articles, such as “Offensive Weapons and the Future of Arms Control, Canadian Journal of European and Russian Studies (2020); “A Brief History of Intrusions into the Canadian Arctic,” Canadian Army Journal (2010); (with Stuart Farson) “Increasing Canada’s Foreign Intelligence Capability: Is it a Dead Issue?,” Intelligence and National Security (2015); “A Minimum Deterrence Nuclear Posture and the Challenge of Deterrence Failure,” On Track (2015/2016); and contribution to the Simons Forum Report (with Bruce Blaire and Nola-Kate Seymoar) “Repairing the US-NATO-Russia Relationship and Reducing the Risks of the Use of Nuclear Weapons,” in 2018.

Dr. Teeple brings a diverse background of academic and professional experience to her work on defence and international security issues. She holds a PhD in Political Science from Simon Fraser University (SFU), an MA in War Studies from RMCC, a Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) from the University of Western Ontario, an MA in Ancient Studies from the University of Toronto, and a BA (Hons) in Classical Studies from the University of Ottawa. This diversity includes working as a reference librarian at a number of academic institutions, participating in archaeological projects in Greece and the Middle East, mentoring graduate fellows in her role at NAADSN, and instructing upper-level undergraduate courses on modern warfare, Canadian and American foreign policy, nuclear strategy, and theories of peace, war, & conflict (at Simon Fraser University).



Peer-Reviewed Articles

N. Teeple, “The Future of Canadian Participation in Missile Defence,” Canadian Army Journal, Vol. 19.2 (2021), forthcoming.

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Peer-Reviewed Briefs and Reports

N. Teeple, “Great Power Competition in the Arctic,” Network for Strategic Analysis (RAS-NSA), 13 April 2021. https://ras-nsa.ca/publication/great-power-competition-in-the-arctic/. 

N. Teeple, “Canada’s National Interests and Challenges to Adopting the Nuclear Ban Treaty,” NAADSN Quick Impact, 3 February 2021. https://www.naadsn.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/21-Feb-Teeple-Quick-Impact-Canada-Nuclear-Ban-Treaty.pdf. 

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T. J. Bouffard, W. Greaves, P. W. Lackenbauer, and N. Teeple, “North American Arctic Security Expectations in a New U.S. Administration,” NAADSN Strategic Perspective, 23 November 2020. https://www.naadsn.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/North-American-Arctic-Security-Expectations-in-a-New-U.S.-Administration-Final.pdf. 

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Publications (Editorial, Commentary, Other)

N. Teeple, “The Impact of the Post-Arms Control Context and Great Power Competition in the Arctic,” The Arctic Institute, 22 June 2021. https://www.thearcticinstitute.org/impact-post-arms-control-context-great-power-competition-arctic/. 

N. Teeple, “Canada’s Adaptation to Evolving NORAD and NATO Roles,” Hill Times, 18 November 2020. https://www.hilltimes.com/2020/11/18/canadas-adaptation-to-evolving-norad-and-nato-roles/271888#:~:text=Canada%E2%80%99s%20adaptation%20to%20evolving%20NORAD%20and%20NATO%20roles,promote%20and%20enforce%20the%20boundaries%20of%20acceptable%20conduct. 

Whitney Lackenbauer, Troy Bouffard, and Nancy Teeple, “L’Arctique et La Défense Nord-Américaine”, L’année Arctique 2020, Observatoire de la Politique et la Sécurité de L’arctique (OPSA), December 2020. https://cirricq.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Lannee-arctique-2020.pdf. 

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N. Teeple and R. Andrew McBride, “COVID-19 Unlikely to Fundamentally Disrupt Canada-US Defence Relations,” Macdonald-Laurier Institute, June 2, 2020. https://www.macdonaldlaurier.ca/covid-19-unlikely-fundamentally-disrupt-canada-us-defence-relations-teeple-mcbride-inside-policy/. 
▪ A similar version of this article is published in a different format: “COVID-19 and the Canada-US Defence Relationship,” in Bruno Charbonneau and Chantal Lavallée (Eds.), COVID-19 and the Future of Global Order, Centre for Security and Crisis Governance, published through the Network for Strategic Analysis (RAS-NSA), 7 July 2020, 21-22. https://ras-nsa.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/CRITIC-COVID-19-Report.pdf. 

N. Teeple, “Democracy, Donald Trump, and the Future of the Canada-U.S. Security Community,” NAADSN Activity Report, 26 May 2020. https://www.naadsn.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Activity-Report-Greaves-Presentation-Trump-Democracy-Canada.pdf. 

N. Teeple, Report of the Ottawa Conference on Security and Defence: “Stickhandling through Roughing and Interference: How to Position Canada in the Great Power Plays,” NAADSN Activity Report, 14 April 2020. https://www.naadsn.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Edits_CDA-Conference-Activity-Report-April-20201.pdf. 

N. Teeple, “Issues in Repairing U.S.-Russian Strategic Relations,” Analysis, Centre for International Policy Studies, University of Ottawa, 24 October 2019. https://www.cips-cepi.ca/2019/10/24/issues-in-repairing-u-s-russian-strategic-relations/. 

Nola-Kate Seymoar, Bruce Blair, and Nancy Teeple. Repairing the US-NATO-Russia Relationship and Reducing the Risks of the Use of Nuclear Weapons. Report of the Conference and Forum convened by the Simons Foundation and SFU Centre for Dialogue, Chaired by Dr. Bruce Blair, 27-28 September 2018. 

N. Teeple, “A Minimum Deterrence Nuclear Posture and the Challenge of Deterrence Failure,” On Track, 20.3, (Winter 2015/2016): 44-48.

Nancy Jane Teeple, “An Arctic Nuclear Weapon-Free Zone: Can there be cooperation under the counterforce dilemma?” Conference of Defence Associations Institute Forum, 18 August 2015.   https://www.cdainstitute.ca/en/blog/entry/an-arctic-nuclear-weapon-free-zone-can-there-be-cooperation-under-the-counterforce-dilemma.

N. Teeple, Position Paper: “Commercialization of Space,” Report of the Graduate Research Awards for Disarmament, Arms Control and Non-Proliferation 2012-2013 Debates, Joint Programme of the Simons Foundation and the International Security Research and Outreach Programme (ISROP) of the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (now Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada), 2013.

N. Teeple, “Arctic Sovereignty Under Siege: The Prince Patrick Incident of 2040,” Vanguard, (Jan/Feb. 2009): 8-11.

Government Publications

N. Teeple, Canada in Afghanistan: 2001-2010: A Military Chronology, Defence R&D Canada: Centre of Operational Research & Analysis, Strategic Analysis Section, DND Canada (December 2010).  

R. A. McBride, M. Stocker, N. Teeple, and P. Gizewski, Army Adaptation for Counterinsurgency Lessons Learned from Past Cases: Proceedings of Workshop, Technical Memorandum, Defence R&D Canada: Centre of Operational Research & Analysis, Land Capabilities OR Team, Directorate of Land Concepts and Designs, DND Canada, 1-88 (2009). 

Book Reviews

N. Teeple, Review of Wired for War:  The Robotics Revolution and Conflict in 21st Century, by P.W. Singer, Canadian Army Journal 13.2 (2010): 148-149.

N. Teeple, Review of Thieves of Baghdad, by Colonel Matthew Bogdanos and William Patrick, Canadian Army Journal 12.3 (2010): 112-113.

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