Stevens Hall

1856 Tanana Loop

Stevens HallUAF photos by Sierra Coley

Morton Stevens Hall is identical in design to McIntosh and Nerland halls, the eastern and central buildings in the residence hall complex on Denali Lane. It opened in 1958, one of five new residence halls built to accommodate the rapidly growing student population. Initially a men’s dormitory, the 100-student hall later changed to coed by floor. Students lived in double or single rooms on four floors.

Residential use of the hall was discontinued in fall 2019. During the 2020-2021 coronavirus pandemic, it temporarily returned to service as housing for people who needed isolation but was closed again the next year. With Moore and Bartlett halls temporarily closed for major renovations, Stevens Hall returned to service for first-year students in fall 2023.

The hall is named for Morton Stevens, a member and president of the Alaska Agricultural College and School of Mines Board of Trustees from 1921-1932.