Combined heat and power plant

865 Alumni Drive

Aerial view of combined heat and power plantPhoto by JR Ancheta, UAF University Relations

The new combined heat and power plant began supplying all electricity and heat for the campus in February 2020, after five years under construction.

The new plant is immediately east of the Ben J. Atkinson Power Plant Building, which contains the heat and power system that served campus starting in 1964. The Atkinson plant remains, but the coal boilers, coal handling system and ash handling equipment were decommissioned. 

The new, $255 million plant is more reliable, more efficient and cleaner. It is designed to handle at least 25 years of projected growth on campus. The steam turbine, with controlled extraction ports, provides low-pressure steam to heat campus and produces 17 megawatts of electricity.

A groundbreaking ceremony was held in August 2014.