Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program

The Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program is a statewide outreach and technical assistance program helping Alaskans use, conserve, and enjoy Alaska's marine and coastal resources. The program works to:

  • Assist coastal residents to diversify their community’s economic base through involvement in ventures such as aquaculture, marine recreation and tourism, seafood processing, and direct marketing of Alaska seafood.
  • Enhance the value of commercial fishing, shellfish mariculture, seaweed farming, and seafood processing through training and technical assistance.
  • Contribute to the information base of Alaskans who are making decisions affecting the conservation of the state’s marine resources, or who depend on them for traditional, cultural, recreational or nutritional sustenance.

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Classes we offer include:


If you're interested in taking a class, please contact Tav Ammu:

The Sea Grant Skipper Apprenticeship Program is a 4 tier microcredentialing initiative designed to develop a specific, essential position in the commercial fishing sector. 

Our goal

Commercial fishing is 20% fishing and 80% everything else. Our classes focus on the 80% of everything else; marine safety, diesel mechanics, welding, refrigerated sea water systems, business management, etc.

The classes are directed at teaching introductory skills for Bristol Bay commercial fishers. They will not take the place of On-The-Job training but will supplement that training with formal classroom instruction from subject matter experts.

What is a microcredential?

A small, focused, educational program that offers specific knowledge and skills in a particular subject or field. They are designed to provide targeted learning experiences that are shorter in duration and more specific than traditional degree programs.

Our curriculum

4th Tier: Aspiring Skipper/Owner

Tier four is catered to seasoned fishermen that have already completed the greenhorn, lead crew, and deck boss/lead engineer micro-credentials, or have adequate industry experience to advance to the next level of expertise into aspiring skipper or owner.

  • Advanced Diesel Mechanics
  • Dynamics of Leadership*
  • Legal/Insurance*
  • Advanced Financial Accounting/Business Planning*
  • Bristol Bay Fisheries; Harvesting, Processing, and Marketing

3rd Tier: Deck Boss/Lead Engineer

Tier three is catered to fishermen that have already completed the greenhorn and lead crew micro-credentials in the series, or have adequate industry experience to advance to the next level of expertise as lead crew.

  • Intro to Marine Refrigeration (RSW)
  • Advanced Welding - MIG/TIG Aluminum
  • Startup Procedures/Winterization
  • Hydraulics
  • Diesel Mechanics

2nd Tier: Lead Crew

Tier two is catered to fishermen that have already completed the greenhorn micro-credential, or have adequate industry experience as a greenhorn to advance to the next level of expertise as lead crew

  • Introduction to Small Engine Repair OR Introduction to Propulsion Systems
  • Introduction to Marine DC Systems
  • Introduction to Aluminum Welding/Intermediate Aluminum Welding
  • Navigation/Rules of the Road/Boat Handling
  • Stability/Boat Design/Hydrodynamics

1st Tier: Greenhorn

Tier one is designed for aspiring fishermen who are looking to acquire skills as the greenhorn vessel apprentice. Greenhorns are novice or inexperienced fishermen. Seasoned greenhorns can also use this credential to continue developing at the entry level of commercial fishing industry.

  • Net Hanging/Mending
  • Bristol Bay Crew Class
  • AMSEA Mariner’s First Aid and CPR for Bristol Bay
  • Tool Shop Basics
  • Introduction to Anadromous Fish

* These course requirements can be fulfilled by attending the Alaska Young Fishermens Summit. Training funded by Alaska Sea Grant Business of Fish and/or Alaska Young Fishermen's Summit.

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Tav Ammu

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