Travel funding

The Associated Students of UAF administers travel grants for UAF students. Funding is limited and may only be used for costs related to transportation and lodging. Travel awards may not be paid directly to the student; all travel must be arranged through the Travel Customer Service Office or through the student's departmental travel coordinator.


Apply for funding

The application for club funding is now open. 

*Accessing the form will require you to log in to Nanook Engage. Please email if you have trouble accessing the form.


Funding criteria

The criteria for determining eligibility for student travel funding shall be as follows: 

  • The travel should benefit the student body academically, culturally, socially, politically, and/or athletically.
  • The amount awarded should be based on the benefit to the UAF student body.
  • The applicant should have made reasonable efforts to acquire funding elsewhere if the amount requested is substantial.
  • The Finance Committee should consider the applicant’s history of financial relationship with ASUAF.
  • The maximum amount awarded to the individual cannot be more than 10% of the semester’s travel fund budget.

Questions regarding student travel funding should be directed to Paul Menke (, the ASUAF Senate Finance Committee Chair.