Elections Board

Elections Board meets to set dates and carry out ASUAF elections. Elections Board is governed by the ASUAF Elections Manual. The ASUAF vice president chairs Elections Board. It meets several times during the fall and spring semesters to execute ASUAF elections. Candidates that have been nominated and will appear on the ballot must meet with a designated Elections Board member to go over campaign procedures and requirements. If you are interested in being on the Elections Board please fill out our ASUAF Interest Form.



Membership of the Elections Board shall consist of 5 students:

  1. Vice president, who will serve in a non-voting capacity as chair, unless to break a tie.
  2. Two (2) students at large, appointed by the senate.
  3. One senator, appointed by the senate
  4. Presidential appointee
  5. Any person running for an elected office cannot be a member of the Elections Board or participate in any of its duties.