About elections

ASUAF holds one election every fall semester and one election every spring semester. During the fall election Senate seats I through P are up for election. During the spring election Senate seats A through H and the presidential ticket are up for election. Elections have several parts including the nomination period, the campaign period, and the election period. Any member of ASUAF in good academic standing is also eligible to run in an ASUAF election. The President and Vice President run together as a single ticket. ASUAF elections are governed by the ASUAF Elections Manual.

There will be a two week long period allowing those who want to run to get the required number of nominations to appear on the ballot. To appear on the ballot for a Senate seat, it requires a minimum of 3 nominations. To appear on the ballot for President or Vice President, it requires 6 nominations.

Candidates that wish to run but missed the nomination period or did not receive enough nominations may run as write-ins. Their name will not appear on the ballot. Write-in candidates must receive at least 4 write ins to to the given position to be considered valid.

The campaign period follows the nomination period and also lasts two weeks. This period is dedicated for those running to be able to advertise themselves. Each Senate candidate has a spending limit of $50 and each President/Vice President ticket has a spending limit of $100 for campaigning.

Further details on campaigning can be found in the ASUAF Elections Manual.

The election period lasts two weeks and is the last period of the election process. During this time students will have access to voting by whichever method Elections Board has determined. This can include an online survey style and/or in person physical ballots. Votes will be counted and whichever candidate/ticket received the majority of votes will be considered the winner.