About Jason

UAF student ambassador Jason

Student ambassador

Hometown: Glennallen, AK
Major: Justice

Hello, everyone! My name is Jason Terzi, and I am a senior here at UAF and I will be completing my B.A. in Justice in the winter of 2020. I am from a small town in Alaska called Glennallen. I decided to be a Justice major after taking a couple of Justice electives as a General Studies Student. The classes grabbed my attention and I decided to dig deeper into the program, and ultimately decided that this is what I want to major in. This program has also opened up many diverse career options for me, and I am now working towards going into the intelligence field. My favorite on-campus activity is spending time at the Student Recreation Center, which offers tons of great activities that keep you moving when it’s cold out such as group fitness, intramural sports, and of course rock climbing! I look forward to helping to answer any questions you may have about our university!