About Charlie

UAF student ambassador Charlie
Student Ambassador

Hometown: Utqiagvik, Alaska
Major: Film and Performing Arts

Hello! My name is Charles Teodoro Wolgemuth.

My birthplace is Mazatlan, Sinaloa in Mexico, however, I grew up and was raised in Utqiagvik, Alaska my entire life. Growing up, I always had a very strong appreciation for storytelling, especially when it’s presented on the screen or on the stage, and when I began to gain more experience as an actor, it only furthered my admiration for these two forms of storytelling. 

I’m currently studying Film and Performing Arts, with a major in Theatre (acting) and a minor in Film. My future plan is to become an actor on both the stage and the screen. During my time here at UAF, I have been involved in various projects within the FLPA department, predominantly as an actor, in both supporting roles and just last semester, a lead! UAF has helped me flourish as an artist, and every day I’m further exploring the ways I can expand my abilities as a storyteller. In my free time, I like to read fictional novels, build paper theaters and legos, watch (horror) movies, and spend time with my friends either in a video game or in real life. Feel free to reach out and ask any questions!