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Day 1 (Monday, June 6)

Katimavik A

Katimavik B

Opening Remarks
The Honorable Alfred Moses (Minister of Education, Culture, and Employment)

Regular Session 1: Historical Texts
The Earliest Text in the Carrier Language. Bill Poser (Yinka Dene Language Institute)

Rehabilitating Goddard and Adopting TEI: An Update on Hupa Text Corpus Development. Justin Spence (UC Davis)

Regular Session 2: Dene Grammar
You shouldn’t say that: Cultural norms and grammatical description in Alaskan Dene languages. Olga Lovick (First Nations University of Canada) and Siri Tuttle (Alaska Native Language Center)

The Dëne S łın Language Acquisition Study (DESLAS). Dagmar Jung (University of Zurich), Olga Lovick (First Nations University of Canada), and David Ruelling (Clearwater River Dene School)

coffee and snack break 
Regular Session 3: Syntax
Plural verb agreement: when you can take it or leave it. Nicholas Welch (UToronto) Defining the Upper Tanana Noun Phrase. Falene McKenna (Alaska Native Language Center)

Special Session Part 1: “Standardization and Variation”
An overview of issues concerning standardization and variation. Alessandro Jaker (Alaska Native Language Center)

Dene language standardization: some historical background. Keren Rice (U Toronto)


Regular Session 4: Language Revitalization
Expanding Domains of Language Use Through Lexical Innovations: Examples from Kaska. Martina Volfová (UBC)

Restoring Dënës łın Language through Two-Eyed Seeing in the 21st Century. Rosalie Tsannie-Burseth (PAGC Education). Bluequills Dëne S łın BA Program. Jessie Sylvestre (Bluequills University)

Special Session Part 2: “Standardization and Variation”
Panel Discussion with linguists and language workers.

Open discussion with all community members. 

coffee and tea break 

Plenary Session

3:00-3:40pm: (Title TBA) Leslie Saxon (University of Victoria)

3:40-4:20pm: Language change and the language of Radeyı̨ lı̨ Kǫ (Fort Good Hope). Keren Rice (University of Toronto)

Keynote Speaker:
4:20-5:00pm: (Title TBA) Fred Sangris (Yellowknives Dene First Nation)


Dene Hand Games (until 7:00)

Day 2 (Tuesday, June 7)

Katimavik A

Katimavik B


Opening Remarks.

The Honorable Jackson Lafferty (MLA for Monfwi)

Regular Session 5: Language Revitalization

The Benefits of Language Camps. Agnes Carlson (Northlands Dene First Nation, MB)

Linguistic Change: Is Dene Literacy Possible? Cheryl Herman (PAGC Education)

Theme Session: Language and History

Etaehtı eyıgots’ Yatı (Interpreters/Translators and Words). Lucy Lafferty (Tłı̨ ch Community Services Agency)

The Dene Separation Story Project. Sally Rice (U Alberta) and John Janvier (Cold Lake First Nation)

coffee and snack break

Regular Session 6: Language and Technology

Computational modeling of verbs in Dene languages: the case of Tsuut’ina. Christopher Cox, Hans Mulden, Miikka Silfverberg, Jordan Lachler, Sjur Moshagen, Trond Trosterud & Antti Arppe (U Alberta)

Dene Languages Online. Allan Hayton (Doyon Foundation)

Speak Their Language: Using Technology and Social Media to Promote Dene Languages among Our Youth. Brent Kaulback and Doris Camsell (South Slave Divisional Board of Education)

Elders’ Panel Discussion: “How can elders participate in language revitalization?”

 Panel discussion with Dene elders.

 Open discussion with all community members.


Regular Session 7: Dene Elders’ Stories

Animal Grammar: Wolverine’s Soundscape. Jasmine Spencer (UBC)

Language Change as Evident in Kaska Narratives. Patrick Moore (UBC)

D lı̨ n Elders talk and sing their language, culture, and history. Nicole Beaudry (UQAM) and Laura Tutcho (UVic)

Youth Panel Discussion: “What obstacles are preventing youth from learning their languages, and how may these be addressed?”

 Panel discussion with Dene youth.

 Open discussion with all community members.

coffee and tea break

Plenary Session

3:00-3:40: Introducing the Proto-Dene LEX LOCI with Selected Dene Place Names South and West of the Alaska Range. James Kari (Alaska Native Language Center)

3:40-4:20: (Title TBA) Loren Me’-lash-ne Bommelyn (Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation)

Concluding Remarks

Drum Dance (until 6:30)




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