Dené (Athabaskan) Languages Conference

Eugene, Oregon
June 25-27, 2010


Download conference schedule (PDF, revised 23 June 2010)

The conference will take place in the Walnut room at the Erb Memorial Union (EMU) which is highlighted on the map. Registration for the ALC will take place there as well.

If you are attending the SILS, you can check in at the SILS registration area on Friday which is in the lobby by the Ballroom in the EMU.

The other highlighted building on the map is the Living Learning Center (LLC) - South where the dorms are located.

Call for Abstracts

The call for abstracts is now closed.

Deadline extended!
Deadline for abstract submission: April 16, 2010

Sessions / Themes

Special Session 1 “What stories and conversations can teach us”
The collection of narratives has always been an integral part of both linguistic and anthropological work, and it is one of the important issues worked on by many communities. The first special session has the goal of investigating narrative data from all perspectives in order to stimulate new research and discussion.

The genre of conversation on the other hand has long been neglected, partially because of the difficulties associated with recording 'natural' conversation. However, the study of this linguistically rich genre will not only benefit linguistic inquiry, but is also highly relevant for language revitalization efforts, since language learners need to be able to listen to natural conversation in addition to other forms of language teaching. We thus invite all presentations on linguistic, anthropological, or pedagogical research related to narratives and conversation.

Special Session 2 “Language Technology in Revitalization"
For the second special session, we invite presentations of media used in community efforts in language revitalization, such as e.g. websites, books, DVD’s or larger projects. The presentations can be full-length talks, but we also strongly encourage poster-style presentations, laptop-demonstrations, tutorials for technical workflows or simply bringing along books, posters and other materials to be displayed during a poster-style session.

Conference Registration

There are several options for registration for the ALC/DLC:

  1. There will be an on-site registration for those who only want to attend the ALC and do not want any help booking housing
  2. For ALC only registration + housing please, use the attached form
  3. If you want to attend some of the other conferences as well as the ALC, you can use this web-interface to register for all conferences: or you can use the attached form

Please note: The pre-registration period for ALC-visitors has been extended to June 4, so you will still be able to register with the lower rates. We hope that this will be implemented on the web-interface soon. However, if this doesn't work, the safest option will be the registration with the attached form.




For more information contact conference organizers:

Olga Lovick

Gabriele Schwiertz