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The Dene Languages Conference (also known as the Athabascan Languages Conference) brings together linguists, speakers, educators and policy makers from across the Athabascan region. Over the past two decades this conference has become the principal forum in which members of geographically distant, but culturally and intellectually related, Athabascan communities can compare notes and learn from each other.

Date Location Host/Sponsor  
2019  Davis, California   UC Davis   
2018  Simth River, California  Tolowa Dee-ni' Nation   
2017  Camp Verde, Arizona  Yavapai-Apache Nation   
2016  Yellowknife  Goyatikň̨ Language Society  Language and History  
2015  no conference     
2014  Prince George, BC  University of Northern British Columbia   
2013  Tsuu T'ina Nation, Alberta  Tsuu T'ina Nation, Cold Lake First Nation, University of Alberta, University of Victoria   
2012  Bellingham, WA  Western Washington University   
2011  Whitehorse, Yukon  Yukon First Nation Self Government Secretariat and Council for Yukon First Nations  Workshop on Narratives  
2010  Eugene, Oregon  University of Oregon   
2009  Berkeley, California  Dept of Linguistics, University of California Berkeley   
2008  Cold Lake, Alberta  Cold Lake First Nation
Dept of Linguistics, University of Alberta  
2007  Tsaile, Arizona  Dené College, Navajo Language Academy, Swarthmore College   
2006  Yellowknife, NWT  Yamózha Kúé Society (Dene Cultural Institute) and the Department of Linguistics, University of Victoria.   
2005  Victoria, BC  University of Victoria  met in conjunction with Stabilizing Indigenous Languages Symposium  
2004     ==NO CONFERENCE==    
2003  Arcata, California  Humbolt State University  met in conjunction with Workshop on Morphological Change and Comparative Work in Athabascan Languages  
2002  Fairbanks, Alaska  University of Alaska Fairbanks and Interior Athabascan Tribal College  met in conjunction with Workshop on Lexicography  
2001  Los Angeles, CA  University of California Los Angeles   met in conjunction with Workshop on Voice Quality  
2000  Moricetown, BC  Kyah Wiget Education Society, University of Washington and UNBC   met in conjunction with Workshop on Athabaskan Prosody  
1999  Albuquerque, NM  University of New Mexico   
1998  Calgary, AB  University of Calgary, Tsuut'ina First Nation   
1997  Eugene, Oregon  University of Oregon   
1996  Edmonton, Alberta  University of Alberta   
1995  Albuquerque, NM  University of New Mexico  met in conjunction with LSA Summer Institute and Workshop on Athabaskan Morphosyntax  
1994  Stoney Creek, BC  Yinka Dene Language Institute, College of New Caledonia, Saik'uz First Nation, UNBC   
1993  Santa Fe, NM  Santa Fe College   
1992  Flagstaff, Arizona  Northern Arizona University   
1991  Santa Cruz, CA  University of California, Santa Cruz   
1990  Vancouver, BC  University of British Columbia  met in conjunction with SSILA summer meeting and Salish conference  
1989  Tucson, Arizona  University of Arizona   
1988  Fairbanks, AK  University of Alaska Fairbanks   
1987  Victoria, BC  University of Victoria   
1983  Fairbanks, Alaska  University of Alaska Fairbanks   
1981  Arcata, California  Humboldt State University   
1980  Albuquerque, NM  University of New Mexico   

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