Promotion, Tenure, and Evaluation

Congratulations to UAF's 2014 tenure and promotion recipients.  A complete listing of the 2014 recipients can be accessed via this link.

If you plan to stand in AY14-15 for promotion review, or tenure review prior to your mandatory year, you must notify your dean and/or director in writing of your intent to do so no later than May 17, 2014.  If you are scheduled to stand for mandatory tenure and promotion review in AY14-15, there is no need to provide notification.

The Provost's Office will hold its annual Promotion, Tenure, Pre-Tenure and Post-Tenure Review File Preparation Workshop on Thursday, August 28, 2014, starting at 3:15pm, in 201 O'Neill (Vera Alexander Room).  The first hour of the workshop will consist of a question and answer session with a seated panel.  Examples files will be available for review starting at 4:15pm, following the conclusion of the panel session. 

Please contact Sally Skrip at 474-5178 or with questions.

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