Web development

Marketing and Communications creates and maintains a variety of UAF websites for student service, faculty and staff communications, and public and alumni relations. These include the UAF homepage and secondary pages, the online newsroom, the chancellor's website, the admissions website and more.


Marketing and Communications staff members are available to assist university departments in producing professional, high-quality, attractive, well-written publications, websites and advertisements. All new requests for publication review should be directed to uaf-marketing@alaska.edu.

In order to meet increasing demands on Marketing and Communications editing and design staff, we have developed the following guidelines for reviewing printed and web publications or text for projects we are not producing:

What we can do for you

Website review

  • Review for compliance with the web guidelines including correct banner usage, UAF logo usage, W3C accessibility guidelines, etc.
  • Advance notice is appreciated. Contact Jenn Baker at jlbaker@alaska.edu to schedule a website review.
  • Turnaround time varies depending on workloads, but projects can generally be turned around within three working days.

What we need from your department

  • Your project should be complete and accurate when you give it to us.
  • Give us advance notice of your project, what it is and when it will be available for review. Once a schedule is set, if you miss agreed-upon deadlines, your project will have to be rescheduled depending on Marketing and Communications workload.
  • Tell us the goal of the project, who the audience is and how your piece will be distributed.
  • Send the URL of the not-yet-live site. We will provide comments via email.

Tool kit

  • Search engine optimization
    Information on how to improve your web pages so that they are more easily found by search engines and provide quality search results.
  • Web guidelines
    Developed to provide the official UAF presence on the web with a cohesive UAF identity and to help departments create, maintain and showcase their web resources.
  • Website design packet (PDF)
    Site evaluation and planning tools to help you redesign or create a new site from scratch.

For more information, contact:

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Cornerstone: news and information