Web guidelines

Websites can be effective information resources for reaching the many and diverse audiences of the university, including current and prospective students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends, as well as funding agencies and the general public. You are representing the university to these audiences, so it is important that you consider carefully what you put on the web and how it will be presented. Good web pages can be an integral part of marketing your department and the university's image to the public, so it is essential that your presentation be professional and reflect positively on the university. To that end, a web design professional should be consulted to collaborate with staff who have an intimate understanding of the unit's mission, audiences and resources. Marketing and Communications web developers provide this type of consulting.

These guidelines were developed to provide the official UAF presence on the web with a cohesive UAF identity and to help departments create, maintain and showcase their web resources. UAF units with official UAF websites* must follow these guidelines. The deadline for compliance with these guidelines was September 2006.

If you have questions, please contact a Marketing and Communications web representative:
Jenn Baker - jlbaker@alaska.edu - 907-474-6863
Gretchen King - g.king@alaska.edu - 907-474-6281
Sherrie Roberts - slroberts@alaska.edu - 907-474-1535

* UAF's official websites are defined as UAF department or program web pages that represent the mission of the university and are approved by the department head. These sites are maintained by the sponsoring departments and will be linked from the top levels of the UAF website as long as the requirements within these web guidelines are met.