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UAF logo

[UAF logo]

UAF's logo must be visible on every print or electronic publication produced by UAF departments for internal and external audiences.

General rules for using the UAF logo

The logo is most often used in blue or black and works well at a variety of sizes. It is available for download in a variety of formats. If the logo is being affixed to merchandise (or promotional items) for sale or giveaway, please read the trademark information first.

  • The logo should be used conspicuously on all university communications. The logo should appear on the front cover of all print publications representing the university that are intended for external audiences.
  • The logo should not be modified without sending it to for review. Acceptable variations of the logo are provided.
  • The logo should only be used in official UAF colors, or black and white. Be sure to select a logo color that will sufficiently contrast with the background of the publication.
  • The logo must not be reduced to less than one-half inch in width. When resizing the logo, resize it proportionately.
  • Ensure visibility of the logo by leaving an appropriate amount of space around the image.
  • The logo may be used without the University of Alaska Fairbanks below provided that the full university name appears prominently written out elsewhere on the page.
  • Questions about usage can be sent to
Don't compress the logo

Don't stretch the logo
Logo must be at least one-half inch in width.
Example of logo separated from University of Alaska Fairbanks

If you have questions on how to use the UAF logo, or would like to request a review of your project, contact or (907) 474-5148.