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Institutional identity and brand recognition

Memo from the Chancellor

To: Deans, Directors and Department Heads
From: Steve Jones, Chancellor, University of Alaska Fairbanks
Date: February 7, 2007
Subject: Institutional identity and brand recognition

Every day, thousands of people come into contact with the University of Alaska Fairbanks through our communication materials, which include everything from correspondence to building signs and websites to apparel. No matter what the medium is, these materials all represent the university, and are often the first contact an individual has with UAF.

First impressions often are the basis for long-lasting attitudes and opinions. Those opinions influence action--whether a high school student chooses to come to school here, whether a world-class scholar decides to join the faculty, whether a foundation awards a major grant or whether an alumnus endows a scholarship program.

Consistent use of our identity--in logo usages, colors, and typography and editorial voice--is the key to making that first impression a positive one. A well-managed and consistent identity ensures that the university invests its resources in communications that work toward strategic goals and help build our reputation to national prominence.

Any communication that represents the university including those used for recruiting, news, special events and advertising must use the primary identifiers of the university's full name and logo. These identifiers must always appear prominently. If a secondary logo is necessary, it may not be used separately from UAF's primary identifiers. These guidelines hold true for communications that come from constituent units of UAF, who also need to present the university identity clearly and consistently so people know instantly the communication is from UAF.

Marketing and Communications oversees and facilitates correct implementation of UAF's logo, web and editorial style standards which can be found online at The department is also available to provide consultation and advice to academic and administrative units on how to use university design and editorial elements in an effective, distinctive and strategic manner in publications, websites and other forms of communication.

If you have any questions about the standards please contact Marketing and Communications at 474-6281 or Thank you in advance for your continued efforts to strengthen UAF's image within the university and among our many partners and supporters.