What to publicize

News outlets are interested in stories that are timely or tell a story about something new or stories that are relevant to their readers, listeners and viewers.

Stories that we want to help you tell:

  • Original research findings, particularly if they have practical applications or can be linked to issues of current interest such as global warming, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, education and health issues, etc.
  • Research findings presented at conferences or published in national journals as well as research, programs or publications in your school, department or program that might be part of a statewide or national trend.
  • Expert commentary or perspective on current events.
  • Interesting or unusual students or student activities, as well as stories about student life.
  • Stories more suited to an internal or local audience are better communicated through the UAF Conerstone: news and information website or local media advisories.

Examples include:

  • Faculty and staff appointments or awards.
  • Conferences, guest speakers and other visitors to campus.
  • Programs or events that appeal to a narrow audience or specialized field of study.
  • Research or programs that are too scientific for the average person to understand.

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