Marketing and Communications
310 Eielson Building
403 Salcha Street
P.O. Box 757505
907-474-6283 (fax)

Marketing and Communications is a division of University and Student Advancement.

Strategic Marketing Committee

Michelle Renfrew, Marketing and Communications*, co-chair of SMC 

Mike Sfraga, USA, co-chair of SMC   

Mary Kreta, Admissions*

Gary Gray, Athletics and Recreation 

Patti Picha, Career Services 

Doug Goering, College of Engineering and Mines 

Michael Daku, College of Liberal Arts - Justice 

Pete Pinney, College of Rural and Community Development 

Fred Schlutt, Cooperative Extension Service 

Emily Drygas, Development 

Martin Klein, Facilities Services 

Hajo Eicken, Geophysical Institute 

Laura Bender, Grad School 

Dan White, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research 

Gretchen Gordon, KUAC 

Carla Browning, Marketing and Communications*

Jan Stitt, Marketing and Communications 

Phil Raymond, Marketing and Communications 

Tori Tragis, Marketing and Communication*

Karen King, Nerland Agency 

Ian Olson, PAIR*

Deb Horner, Provost's Office*

Dixon Jones, Rasmuson Library 

Debbie Mekiana, Rural Student Services 

Michael Castellini, School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences 

Lily Dong, School of Management 

Kate Wattum, Statewide Public Affairs 

Michelle Bartlett, Summer Sessions 

Lael Oldmixen, UA College & UA Scholars Program 

Theresa Bakker, UA Museum of the North 

Joe Hayes, UAF Alumni Association 

Lydia Anderson, Wood Center 

         * Indicates working group member